Have you seen the proposed changes for the 2017 Physician Fee Schedule? If you own, operate, or practice in a primary care clinic, you need to take 5 minutes this weekend and read how Andy Slavitt, CMS Acting Administrator, is now focusing on primary care for better health.

Four short years ago, working alongside the visionary cohort of the National Rural ACO, we began a patient-focused movement, aligning the expectations of healthcare payors with the best possible health outcomes for patients and communities. Today, our models for care coordination, evidence based medicine, clinically integrated networks, delivery system reform, quality reporting and patient engagement are being co-opted by the entire healthcare industry, and we could not be happier.

Under the new proposed rule, our common sense approach to improving care outcomes will also increase practice revenue, by as much as a third, with services provided by your care team.

If you are in primary care and you have not already begun transformation towards the new value-based models for care delivery and compensation, you must act now to take advantage of the generous and comprehensive opportunities healthcare payors are offering in 2017. Truly, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. But don’t wait. The time to act is now and the opportunity to join the most important program for primary care, CPC+, will be gone in just a few short weeks.

Caravan Health is here to help. It is no coincidence that the services and strategies we provide align so closely with what CMS is now adapting into policy. We have grant-funded programs, running now, to get your practice off the ground and into the new payment models. You’ll see that our solutions are operational, not theoretical. We work side-by-side with your staff, providing the training and development they yearn for, at no additional cost to you. We will focus on what is most important for you and your patients, easing the transition to value based care.

Our history, our success, is grounded in a fundamental belief in the role primary care plays in better health outcomes. It is our approach to take any practice, any hospital, from any community and to integrate simple, operational solutions that produce the real and measurable results payors now demand.

In just a few short weeks, you and your staff can be on your way, perfectly positioned for a brighter and healthier future, as our nation and our healthcare system turns a renewed focus to primary care for better health.

Contact us today and get on board, ‪www.caravanhealth.com.