CMS Wants to Hear From You!

CMS has released a Request for Information on transforming clinical practices. It is important for you to review this document and submit your comments to CMS no later than March 16, 2015. You can find the form to fill out here.

We must engage with CMS on these new payment models to define a unique approach for rural health systems. The National Rural ACO, a 501(c)3 organization governed by our founding members, supports a population health model where the rural health system is accountable for the care for its community. It preserves cost-based reimbursement, but allows us to earn more by coordinating care for our patients. The key elements of this model are that the community who lives in the primary service area of the hospital is assigned to the health system, who will proactively support them whether they get care locally or out of town. Critical to this model is the provision of Medicare claims data to the rural health system so we can identify patients who need our help, and also be able to evaluate the cost and quality of our referral network.

What are your ideas for payment reform? Let CMS know! And let us know, too. Rural providers need to lead the discussion. Submit your comments today!