CPC+ Practice Application Open in 14 Regions

This information is provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

On August 1, CMS opened the application for practices to apply for Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+), the largest-ever initiative to improve primary care in America. CPC+ rewards value and quality through an innovative payment structure to support comprehensive primary care.

In CPC+, CMS has provisionally selected 57 payer partners, including commercial insurers, state Medicaid agencies, Medicaid managed care organizations, and Medicare Advantage plans in 14 regions across the nation.

Click this link to view a pdf map showing the 14 CPC+ regions and provisionally selected payers: https://innovation.cms.gov/Files/x/cpcplus-payerregionlist.pdf

Want to learn more about CPC+?

  • Get your questions answered in the Practice FAQs.
  • Register for one of the 20 upcoming CPC+ Practice Open Door Forums in August and September.
  • Watch the CPC+ Video Series to get an overview of CPC+ payment innovations and care delivery transformation.
  • Submit a CPC+ application via the online portal today through 11:59pm ET on Thursday, September 15.
  • Download the CPC+ toolkit: CPC+ In Brief, CPC+ Care Delivery Transformation Brief, and CPC+ Payment Innovations Brief and Case Studies.

At CMS, we believe CPC+ is the future of primary care in America. We are pleased to partner with aligned public and private payers across the country to support up to 5,000 practices delivering the care that best meets the needs of their patients and improves health outcomes.


The CPC+ Team