CPSI and Caravan Health Announce Partnership to Help Rural, Community Providers Transition to Value-Based Care and Reimbursement

MOBILE, Ala.–Jul. 20, 2016– Healthcare technology leader CPSI (NASDAQ: CPSI) today announced a partnership dedicated to helping rural and community providers transition through new healthcare delivery and reimbursement changes that are driven by healthcare outcomes, the quality of healthcare provided and the goal of keeping people healthy. This new partnership will help rural providers who currently use the Thrive EHR or the recently acquired Healthland Centriq EHR access customized training, education and skill-building tools to incorporate more direct and personal primary care programs while increasing reimbursement and revenue.

Caravan Health, the services arm of the National Rural Accountable Care Consortium, supports rural providers and health systems to build clinical practices and infrastructure for value-based reimbursement programs.

Boyd Douglas, president and chief executive officer of CPSI, said, ³To most effectively adapt to and manage changes in value-based reimbursement, rural and community hospitals and healthcare providers need focused, coordinated assistance from their healthcare IT partner, combined with a customized training and education component. We believe this agreement with Caravan Health delivers that assistance.²

Commenting on the agreement, Lynn Barr, MPH, chief executive officer of Caravan Health, said, ³We welcome this partnership with CPSI, which, through its Thrive and Centriq product sets, is at the forefront of helping rural providers and health systems improve the measurement of quality scores and outcomes, as required under the changing reimbursement regulations.²

Douglas added, ³Our strategy and product offerings are designed specifically for rural and community care settings and their unique needs, CPSI recognizes that smaller health systems struggle with deciding how and where to begin the process of aligning the care they provide with the new value-based reimbursement models. We look forward to partnering with knowledgeable Caravan Health trainers to help our clients deliver the quality care they know works for their family, friends and neighbors – and be fairly compensated for that care.

³We are investing in our customers¹ long-term success through this partnership, which reinforces CPSI¹s commitment to the community healthcare marketplace. We have 35 years of experience helping rural and community hospitals operate more efficiently, and with this year¹s acquisition of Healthland, post-acute EHR American HealthTech, RCM Software Automation software company Rycan, and the development of new solutions focused on this market, we believe we are well positioned to further assist these providers in improving the overall health of their communities,² Douglas said.