Top Twelve Reasons Independent Providers Should Join Their Community’s ACO

Payment is changing. Becoming a member of the National Rural ACO will help you prepare for the new payment models that will take effect in 2019. These new payment models will be determined using quality scores and the relative costs of your patients. National Rural ACO will work with your office staff to achieve success under these new models in the following ways:

  • Reaching quality scores in the 80th to 90th percentile (rural baseline is ~60%).
  • Promoting annual wellness visits.
  • Completely and accurately coding all current chronic diseases at each visit.
  • Pooling data to understand why your patients are more expensive than regional and national averages (e.g., certain diseases, post-acute care, drugs, DME, etc.) and deploying strategies to constrain those costs.
  • Coordinating care for your chronically ill patients.
  • Qualifying for Patient-Centered Medical Home Certification.
  • Providing 24-hour access to medical advice for your Medicare patients.
  • Getting complete claims data from all sources on your Medicare patients so that you can better understand the full spectrum of health care services they use, yet frequently do not report to their physician.
  • Getting drug refill information on your patients.
  • Obtaining important waivers of Start, Anti-Kickback Statute, Patient Inducement and Anti-Trust.
  • Gaining access to similar shared savings programs with other payers.
  • Preparing to be as ready as possible for future value-based payments.

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